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It’s been a while since my last post on my blog. Mainly this is because I am now a (temporary-for-now) stay-at-home-dad minding a 10 month young clown.

However, I found this today and I think if you do just one of these things each day it will enrich your life.


Here is one for my random thoughts category.

Yesterday, when I went to bed after a day enjoying my (almost) 9 month old son, my brain didn’t want to go to sleep just yet but decided to start thinking about the years to come and how they will look like.

I thought about my childhood,… about the things that I believe were great, yet my son probably won’t experience. Why? Simply because times have changed.

I was outside all the time, never cared about the weather. I grew up in an estate which was described as “the ghetto” of our city. Well, that wasn’t really the case,… perhaps only if you compare it to the oh so posh remainder of the city.

I knew it was time to go home either at dusk, when I felt like it or when my mum yelled at me from the kitchen window. If I was too far away to hear her, most likely some other neighbour kid was near enough and went off to search for me and tell me to go home.

Nowadays it’s different, the kids already have an iPhone. What’s the fun in that?

Or, I remember it was one of the greatest things ever to go outside in shorts, a shirt and no shoes (they wouldn’t be of any use anyway) on a rainy summer day. Run from shelter to shelter,… eventually give up and just lay down on the ground, soaking wet, let the rain hit your face and feel awesome.

You can’t do that with an iPhone in your pocket.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying iPhones are bad, in fact I am writing this post on my iPhone right now.

Anyway,… I could list a hundred more things, I think there are a ton of great things from the “good old days” that our next generation kids won’t be able to enjoy.

But I swear to god, I will do my best to raise my son well and show him the joy of a proper childhood.

Not the childhood of a non-socialised, junk food eating, console game addict kid with no manners.

“You don’t know when it hits you, but eventually you’ll reach the point when you decide to do nothing productive for the rest of the day.”


Today we started unwrapping our (artificial) christmas tree from last year, and while decorating it, we were discussing whether or not we should buy a real christmas tree next year round.

I actually didn’t have to think twice about it, the answer is NO.
(Unless we buy a ‘living’ real christmas tree.)

Why do I chose an artificial over a real christmas tree?

  1. I don’t ‘kill’ a tree that has been growing for about 7 years, just to hang stuff on it for a couple of days and then throw it away
  2. I need to buy it only once and can use it every year again
  3. I don’t have the needle-mess on the floor that I have to clean every day
  4. It doesn’t catch fire as easily (I’m not using real candles anyway)
Did you know that, according to the National Christmas Tree Association,  approximately 25-30 million real christmas trees sold yearly in the U.S.! And it takes each tree 7 years on average to grow to the typical size of 6-7 feet.  Hypothetically speaking, that means we throw away about 200 Million years of natural growth alone in the U.S. every year!
No, I am not a member of Greenpeace, but I still think it is not necessary anymore to buy a real christmas tree, unless you buy a living one that you can plant into your garden (or somewhere else) after the christmas season.
Nowadays everybody shouts out stuff like ‘Save the Rainforest!’, ‘Think green, don’t print this email!’, and whatever else,… but I never heard somebody saying ‘Save the christmas trees!’
Also, did you ever think about the little, ‘ugly’-looking christmas trees that nobody wants to buy, and yet they are still for sale? Plants have feelings too! They get cut off, placed in the corner, nobody wants them, and end up thrown away without having the questionable pleasure of getting decorated and admired.
So let the real trees live their lives and get an artificial one! They have developed a lot and look much better than years ago!

If I have convinced just one of the readers to buy an artificial instead of a real christmas tree this year, then this blog post was already worth it.

PS: If you miss the smell of the real christmas tree, you can still buy this.