To briefly explain the title and content of the blog:

I am from Austria and moved with my wife to Ireland back in 2008. Why sleepless? The answer to that is quite simple, I suffer from RLS,… that alone is reason enough for sleepless nights, but my wife gave birth to a lovely son in July’11, who also contributes to one or the other insomnia attack 😉

Ok, so this explains the title of the blog. The content will be about (almost) everything that I come across that I think might be worth while sharing. Maybe something I found on the internet, some random thoughts, a funny thing that I take a picture of,… anything, anytime, anywhere.

I will not share my private news though (unless reaaaally worth sharing here) as my lovely wife maintains our ‘family blog’ with all the news of what’s going on in our life in Ireland.

  1. clownonfire says:

    Restless Legs Syndrome is not an easy thing to live with. My father in law lives with it, too. Good luck to you, and you have a very lovely blog.

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