Replacing the iPhone 3GS battery and my 5$ give-away

Posted: 7. April 2012 in geeky
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I own an iPhone 3GS, it is about two years old and I still love it. The only issue I had was that its battery began to drain pretty quick over the last couple of weeks, it hardly lasted a full day anymore.

What I also experienced was that, even if at a charge of about 60%, it would all of a sudden just turn off without any warning. Very naughty.

I googled a bit and I found that lots of people experienced the same strange behaviour with their 3GS recently. As it turned out, a guy who produces batteries explained, that due to the age of the battery, some iPhone features like GPS, etc. will cause a current that is too high for the old battery and will trigger a safety mechanism whereby it shuts down and could only be booted again when connected to an external power source.

So what’s the fix for this problem?

Replace the battery!

Seemingly, everybody who replaced the old battery reported that it immediately solved the sudden-death problems, plus the phone would easily last through the day again.

So I made my decision, I had to replace the battery.

The next question though was, will I pay ridiculous $$$ and get it done in a shop or will I be adventurous and do it myself?

I did the latter. With success.

I found that, based on recommendations, the best DYI option was

The iPhone 3GS replacement battery kit is about 20$ and contains a new battery, the required screwdriver and a spudger. The perfectly written, very detailed step by step guide is on their website and you can either print it or have it open on your laptop while you do it.

As I live in Ireland my cheapest postage option was 10$. It arrived about a week after my purchase even though they mention in the small-print that it can take up to 30 days.

What you will also need is that thingy to open the SIM tray and a suction cup to lift up the glass panel, I used one from the Christmas-window-decoration – worked like a charm. I recommend to also use tweezers for those tiny screws or magnetise the screwdriver. A credit card size refrigerator magnet works well to keep the screws in place and don’t lose them.

I didn’t have a magnet, but instead I used paper to separate them and make sure to use the correct ones again when reassembling the phone. The original battery is glued in, a blow-drier has proven to be very helpful. Heat the back panel and the glue will soften a bit and make it easier to remove the battery.

This might be stating the obvious, but still I’d like to mention that you should do this in good light conditions. I did it in the evening with help of a headlight.

The whole process of replacing the battery took me about 45 minutes, but I really took my time as I was really afraid to break or lose anything. Also I took the opportunity to clean the inside a bit, like the glass in front of the camera, etc.

Also my battery lasts now almost twice as long and I can confirm that there were no ‘sudden-deaths’ anymore.

Now if you want to replace the battery in your iPhone – I recommend to do it yourself. It is actually simple enough if you carefully follow the steps and it gives you a great satisfactory feeling to see everything still works after you reassembled the phone.

Still not sure if you should do it?

Would it motivate you if you got 5$ off your purchase?

Then listen up!

I got a 5$ voucher with my replacement battery and I am giving it away as I am not hoping to need it anytime soon.



So here is what you need to do:

Leave a comment on this site and suggest a topic I should write about next.

The person with the most appealing suggestion will receive an email from me with the voucher code. (don’t forget to enter your correct email details in the comment form!)

Also my next post will (obviously) be about the topic suggested by the winner.

Good luck!


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