Black Hairy Tongue

Posted: 24. February 2012 in fails, interesting
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I came across a very disturbing detail when I was reading the package leaflet of Clavamel Forte (Antibiotic) today:

Black Hairy Tongue???   Seriously?

First I had to laugh out loud (sarcastic me) but then it made me curious and I obviously immediately checked on the all-knowing Wikipedia and found this article.
It states:

Black Hairy Tongue

(in Latin, lingua villosa nigra) is the lengthening of papillae which are bumps on the surface of the tongue. Usually the ends of the papillae get rubbed away by food but sometimes they grow much longer than normal, making the tongue look furry. The extra tissue can get stained by food or tobacco and become yellowish brown or black.


Even though it may appear alarming, black hairy tongue itself is harmless (although it is thought to be linked to the development of thrush). This condition does not involve any type of bacteria or fungi and generally resolves on its own; the recommended treatment is to brush the tongue with a soft toothbrush twice per day. Black hairy tongue is listed as a possible side effect while taking the antibiotic penicillin.

A similar condition can occur within 24 hours after taking Pepto-Bismol, especially chewable tablets, caused by a chemical reaction. It is short-lasting in duration, but may initially cause alarm.


Not that serious after all…

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