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I love this idea….

Pillow Talk is a project aiming to connect long distance lovers. Each person has a pillow for their bed and a ring sensor which they wear to sleep at night. The sensor communicates with the other person’s pillow wirelessly; when one person goes to bed, their lover’s pillow begins to glow softly to indicate their presence. Placing your head on the pillow allows you to hear the real-time heartbeat of your loved one.





Interesting way to play ping pong,…

… but some mad skills are required!

As most of my friends know, I am an iPhone geek,…  and a very adventurous one, I use it for almost anything and always try new things.

One of those things is photography & filmmaking. The iPhone is probably the most used camera (at least according to Flickr statistics), and that is for a reason – it makes pretty decent pictures and as somebody once said, the best camera is the one you have with you.

Now, if you equip yourself with a GorillaPod and one or the other advanced photography app (like the free GorillaCam app), you are ready to go wild!



There is also a specific app I want to recommend, which is iTimeLapse. I experimented a little bit and it is really intuitive and easy to use and yet gives brilliant results at the same time!

Here are three time lapse videos I made, obviously I am far from doing any professional productions, so please see these more as messing around 😉


Time Lapse of a ‘Come Dine With Me’ dinner with friends:


My personal favorite, a time lapse of how I painted the belly of my pregnant wife or ‘How to plant a shamrock’:


And yesterday, I made an experiment.  An overnight-time lapse by using the infrared baby monitor.

This is already 2 years old, but I still think it is an awesome piece of work!

This is not a Movie trailer, but actually a commercial for a new TV from Philips:


If you are curious like me and want to know HOW they have actually done that, have a look at the making of:


Forget the Matrix, Philips rules! 😉


You might want to think twice before you spend all your hard earned money this year and consider improving someone’s life instead of getting that fancy toilet seat warmer.


… what we believe in …