The absolute cookie question…

Posted: 18. November 2011 in why so serious?
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Hello everybody,

quick and sweet,…. here it comes:

How come soft cookies turn hard, and yet hard cookies turn soft?

If you have the answer let me know!

  1. Alessia says:

    It is the moisture, but not necessarily the moisture from the air– although moist air can exacerbate the effect. It’s the moisture in the bread itself that makes it go stale. What’s really happening is that some of the chemical changes that bread undergoes when it is baked begin to reverse when it cools– starch molecules crystalize together and push out the water that had been suspended in between them. This is why bread goes stale quicker in the fridge than on the countertop, and why microwaving stale bread can make it, briefly, soft again.

    Crackers aren’t as prone to this effect because they don’t have much moisture in them– it’s been baked out– and also because they have a different chemical make-up. Also, the moisture of the baked good itself isn’t always all that matters– other factors of its composition are important, too. Cake goes stale slower than bread, for instance, because the sugar in cake absorbs some of the water. A nice French baugette goes stale very quickly because it’s just flour, salt, yeast and water.


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